Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – Diamond Valley Lake


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While this project is nearly 10 years old now, it is representative of a large, successful high visibility project in Southern California where a complete project control system was designed, implemented and managed by PC3.  This $2 billion project constructed over a 5-year period near Hemet is a landmark in California construction.  Building Southern California’s largest reservoir with 2 dams, each nearly a mile long outside a metropolitan area with all its potential environmental and political exposure required complete schedule and cost management and a full project control system.  While the project control software technology has improved since this time, the design of the project control system remains very much the same to what is done today.  Spending between $4 and $5 million each day required that an integrated schedule be utilized among all team members with 3-week look ahead schedules utilized for all progress status meetings.  Rigorous cash flow management was employed to assure adequate funds were available from the funding agencies.  Changes needed to be carefully processed, yet quickly reviewed, to avoid delays.  Baseline schedules needed to be adjusted for unexpected conditions.  Payment requisitions needed to flow directly out of the schedule update into the approved Schedule of Values.  Earned value measurement was of course employed along with Monte Carlo Risk Analysis.  All of this was completed with on-time performance and a total cost within 1% of the original budget.  Even more significant was the fact that most people didn’t even know this project was being constructed in their back yards due to the strong management and controls which kept events out of the news media.